Single Moms Auction Raffles & Treats (SMART)

Spring 2024 | Virtual Event

Smart Moves & Gifts for Moms

Welcome to SMART – Single Mothers Auction Raffle & Treats! We understand the challenges that single mothers face on a daily basis and we want to show our appreciation for all that you do by providing an opportunity for you to obtain a new car, enter raffles for various prizes, furniture, grab bags, and more.

This event is all about empowering and uplifting single mothers, giving you the chance to take a step forward in your journey and thrive. Whether you’re in need of a reliable car to get to work, or you’re looking to upgrade your home with new furniture, we have something for everyone.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to make your life a little bit easier. Come join us at SMART and experience the support and appreciation of your community. Together, we can make a difference and help single mothers thrive.

RSVP now and be a part of something special. See you at SMART! 

Event Schedule

9:00 am
Doors Open For Queen Moms Package


9:45 am
Live Car Auction Car Starts


10:45 am
Doors Open For Diva Moms Package


11:30 AM
Doors Open For SuperWomen Moms Package


12:15 pm
Doors Open For Hero Moms Package


12:30 PM


1:30 PM
Live Furniture Auction Starts



2:30 pm
Raffles Start For New Furniture


3:45 PM
Raffles Start For New Cars


Showcase & Giveaways

5:30 pm
5 On It Showcase Starts


6:30 PM
Door Prize Giveaways



6:45 pm
What’s Next For Hero Moms Network


7:00 pm


Our Sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors for making this event FREE to attend

Enhance Your Package

Package upgrades are available after initial registration and up to 72 hours before the event.

Upgrades Packages After Initial Registration 

  • $50.00 For 10 Bids 

  • $100.00 For 30 Bids 

  • $25.00 Raffle Ticket Per New Furniture Raffle 

  • $100.00 Raffle Tickets Per New Car Raffle

Enhance Your Package
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